SimAQUARIUM2 Tank-1 Screensaver
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SimAQUARIUM2 Tank-1 Screensaver

SimAQUARIUM Screensaver brings the underwater world to your screen
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Are you ready to REALLY relax? Do you like fish and aquariums?
SimAQUARIUM Tank-1 Screensaver brings the beauty of the underwater world to your screen.

This very beautiful screensaver will take you on a trip to the clear and warm underwater world of the coral reef. Watch every form of coral possible, as well as all kinds of tropical fish.

The screensaver includes the ability to play your own music or simply choose one of the preset ones.

The graphics are so realistic and detailed that you can almost feel the texture of the sponges.

At the same time, you will be listening to bubbles and sounds from the water that will add to the realism of the scene.

SimAQUARIUM Tank-1 Screensaver is one of a series of five magnificent screensavers, but there is an option to download them all. There are many different options that you can personalize to your needs. You can decide which background you prefer (there are 5), which and how many fish will appear, as well as the foreground image. Tank 1 and Tank 2 come in the same package.

You will surely enjoy this screensaver, and it will soon become the favorite one in your house and at work. This is the ideal solution for you to really relax and forget about all your problems. Watch the colorful coral heads. Watch the brightly colored fish as they gently swim by. Feel yourself among them, sharing the beauty of the underwater world.

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Fernando Soni
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  • Beautiful graphics
  • Very realistic
  • Very relaxing


  • Only Tank 1?
  • Or all of them?
  • You'll have to decide



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